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Shopping in Hong Kong’s Extravagant Malls

Shopping in Hong Kong is one of the best things to do for shopaholics that need a dose of retail therapy whilst on vacation! Strolling through the glit…>>Read More

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>> Hong Kong Nightlife at Lan Kw…
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Discover the Antique Streets in Hong Kong
This program is supported by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. Take this tour to taste all delicious gourmet in Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Fosha…
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Questions & Anwsers

pakagepromo tour

Asked by Susana on Mar.04,2015 08:49


Mic on Mar.04,2015 10:06

Hi. We have many Hong Kong package in our website. Different package has different price. As you have 3 persons. I suggest you choose the Seat-in-coach Hong Kong package. Seat-in-coach means group tour. Other people will share the same bus and guide with you in the tour. Here are some famous Hong Kong group tour for you: http://www.chinatouradvisors.com/chinatour/Half-Day-Deluxe-Hong-Kong-Island-Tour-with-Sky-Terrace-55.html http://www.chinatouradvisors.com/chinatour/Hong-Kong-Disneyland-Magical-Day-Tour-SIC-61.html http://www.chinatouradvisors.com/chinatour/Hong-Kong-Ocean-Park-One-Day-SIC-Tour-60.html http://www.chinatouradvisors.com/chinatour/Macau-Tour-with-pickup-from-Hong-Kong-68.html


Steven on Feb. 25,2015 09:41

Hello. There is no problem to have Hong Kong tour from Macau. Usually the transportation will be by ship. It's convenient. The detail tour and price will let you know by E-mail soon.


CTA on Oct.18,2014 12:46

Hi Vinesh, thanks for your question, from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, you can take East rail line to Lo Wu. Best regards, Alex.


Steven on Sep.20,2014 10:40

Thanks for your message. If you want the Huangshan tour package, this tour will be good for you: http://www.chinatouradvisors.com/chinatour/Huangshan-Essence-with-Jingdezhen-Porcelain-8-Days-Tour-718.html. Any further questions, please send E-mails to our mail-box: sales@chinatouradvisors.com. Thank you so much.

Lucas on Feb. 03,2015 00:48

I like fried chicken so much


Steven on Sep.02,2014 18:55

Thanks for your message. Your plan is wonderful, as Beijing Shanghai and Hong Kong are the most famous cities in China. This package is really popular in our website. One visa is enough to cover Beijing and Shanghai. As far as I know. You don't need to apply Visa to Hong Kong. I would like to tell my colleague to give you reply as soon as possible. Any further questions, please send to our mail-box: sales@chinatouradvisors.com. Thank you so much!

how much the package tour going to hongkong

Asked by Geneva Junio on Aug.19,2014 21:44


Steven on Aug.20,2014 11:09

Thanks for your message. As you can see, we have a lot of Hong Kong packages on our website. Different package has different price. Hong Kong tour is famous for its daily departure tour. You can experience wonderful Hong Kong tour with a really low price. You can pay a visit to the following link about the Hong Kong daily departure tours: http://www.chinatouradvisors.com/HongKong-tours/Daily-Depart-Tours-1.html. If you are interested in them, you can pay it online. Any further question, please send E-mails to us: sales@chinatouradvisors.com. Thank you so much!

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