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Beijing Maps
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Capture the essence of Beijing by visiting the most highlighted historical and cultural sites. You will also enjoy the adventurous Great Wall hiking and admire the miracle construction of the Great Wall.
As a symbol of Chinese civilization, the Great Wall is a must-visit attraction when travel to China. This tour will bring you to explore the Great Wall and truly experience the magnificent of the Great Wall. You will hike at the Juyongguan Great Wall, Jiankou Great Wall and Badaling Great Wall.
Come and take this tour to Hangzhou for the admiration of its beautiful scenery. You will visit West Lake, Linying Temple, Six Harmonies Pagoda, and Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Beijing City Map is designed to provide basic landmarks information of Beijing for the convenience of Beijing tour. Main roads and streets are laid out in the map. And those popular and famous tourist attractions are specially marked in the map.
Beijing Urban Map is a professionally designed map to offer detailed information about the urban Beijing. Roads and streets are clear saw in the map. Tourist attractions in urban Beijing are labeled out in the map, including Palace Museum and Temple of Heaven. Famous landmarks in urban area are also …
Beijing Road Map displays a detailed and clear map of the roads and district areas of Beijing. It helps to get a general understanding of the six Ring Roads, the inner city districts and outsidecounties when on a Beijing tour.
Forbidden City used to be imperial palace for ancient Ming and Qing Dynasty, and now it is a major Beijing tourist attraction. It is situated in the center of Beijing. It attracts tourists by its large complex of artistic traditional and imperial buildings and artworks. Forbidden City Map helps for t…
Beijing is one of the cities that have earliest subway in China and it has a mature subway network now. Beijing Subway Map details in Beijing subway lines to provide transportation convenience for Beijing tour.
With a long history, Beijing has accumulated a lot of historic and cultural relics as well as beautiful natural landscapes and local Beijing culture and customs to experience. To get a general ideal of tourist attractions in Beijing when for a Beijing tour, this Beijing Attraction Map is quite helpfu…
Beijing Bus Route Map gives a clear picture of the five major bus routes and has marked main bus stations in Beijing. It helps tourists to get a general understanding of Beijing bus transportation for the convenience of Beijing tour.