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Changbaishan Ski Resort
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Take a flight to Changbaishan from Beijing this winter to see the wonders of Tianchi, mountains, pristine forests, waterfalls and hot springs at Changbaishan Nature Reserve at its most beautiful season. Also enjoy skiing at Changbaishan Wanda International Resort.
Appreciate the exotic beauty and amazing ice sculptures in Harbin, and also fly to enjoy the marvelous Changbaishan National Nature Reserve. All these excitements are provided at this winter tour! Please come and enjoy the China beauty in Winter.
This tour will take you to experience the charm of ancient Chinese history and culture in Beijing, exotic beauty in Harbin and beautiful scenery in Changbaishan National Nature Reserve in 9 days.
China is home to some of the most magnificent ski resorts that will cater to all your needs for adventure and snow! The skiing season begins in mid December and ends in March but there is the exception of Changbaishan’s ski resorts where the skiing continues until April. For those who have never bee…