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Golf at Haikou and Sanya is definitely an enjoyment! Nice view and good weather, you can be a better golfer then you at other place! Take this Haikou Sanya 6D5N Golf Tour now!
Play golf at the Missionhill golf club in Shenzhen, and visit Lamma Island in Hongkong. You will have an amazing golfing expirience at Mission hill and relax yourself at Lamma Island.
Want to have a differnt experience in China? Then come to play golf is a good choice. Get tired of the hot travel city like Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Shanghai? Then come to Dalian is a good choice for you. Dalian is a coastal city close to the sea. Enjoy this Dalian golf tour! It will be an unforgetta…
As a famous historic and cultural city on the Silk Road, Kashgar is a great destination to appreciate breathtaking natural scenery and get to know and experience the exotic local ethnic life and culture.
This tour will take you to see the international superb Erdaoqiao Market in Urumqi and explore the most popular attractions of Kashgar to get a better understanding of the old exotic Kashgar.
This is a specially designed tour package for you to get a general idea of the beautiful Urumqi at Heavenly Lake and Nanshan Pasture, also it brings you to the mysterious and exotic land of Turpan to see its most highlighted attractions including Grape Vallye, Jiaohe Ruins and Karez Well System.
This tour is elaborately designed to explore the charm of exotic Xinjiang in its most popular tourist cities Urumqi, Turpan and Kashgar. You will visit famous tourist attractions like Heavenly Lake, Tuyugou Canyon, Suleiman Minaret, Jiaohe Ruins, Lake Karakuli, Idkah Mosque, Erdaoqiao Market and Kash…
This tour will take you to explore the most popular attractions in Xinjiang and Dunhuang, which are the two most fascinating and mysterious destinations along the Silk Road.
This elaborately designed tour should be a great chance to get a through idea about the most popular sites at the most visited cities of the mysterious and legendary Xinjiang.
This would be an extraordinary adventurous tour including exploration at Urumqi and Kashgar, and hiking to the remote yet stunning areas like Kangxiwa, Yanbulak Glacier and Mount Muztagata.
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