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* Duration Approximately 9 hours (excluding hotel pick up time)* Daily Morning Departure * Hotel pick-up time: Approx. 8:30AM – 09:00AM
You will visit the whole wonderful natural scenery in Guilin and Yangshuo during this tour. There are many special scenic spots waiting for you! Such as Jingjiang Palace, Solitary Beauty Peak and Liu Sanjie Grand View Garden. You will find Guilin has so much to offer!
This tour brings you to know the brilliant history and culture in Henan Province by visiting famous historical and cultural sites like Henan Provincial Museum, Yellow River Scenic Area. Also you will get close to the unique Chinese Kungfu culture by visiting Shaolin Temple.
Henan Province is not only famous for its historical and cultural relics, but also noted for its brilliant Kungfu Culture. This tour brings you to discover the amazing Chinese Kungfu at Shaolin Temple, and also learn the Taichi in Chen Family Gully.
Located in the Central Plain Area, the Henan Province is bestowed with numerous historical and cultural sites for its glorious history and culture. This tour brings us to visit cities of Dengfeng and Luoyang to get the essence of Henan tour. You will see the famous Shaolin Temple and enjoy special Ku…
Come with this tour for the hiking at Mt. Huangshan, one of China most famous mountains, to appreciate its stunning natural scenery. Also hike at She County to get to know the local rural life.
Dengfeng Huishan Temple, July 2012 Tips: Huishan Temple is about three miles north of Dengfeng, under the Jicui Peak, Songshan Mountain. It was evidently an imperial palace during the North Wei Dynasty and converted to use as a temple during the Sui Dynasty, in 600 AD. This trip to Dengfeng, I witnes…
Zen Music Shaolin Grand Ceremony is a virtual performance at the foot of Songshan Mountain, Henan Dengfeng City. It is said that the performance has won a lot of honor. Music is the best way to express the conception of Zen because Zen does not pursue characters but mind, as well as sudden realizatio…
Take this tour to enjoy the charm of ancient Chinese history and culture at Luoyang and Dengfeng. You will visit the highlighted attractions of Longmen Grottoes, White Horse Temple, Shaolin Temple, and Forest of Pagodas.
This is an elaborately designed tour for you to see the most famous historical and cultural sites in Henan Proveince. You will visit cities of Luoyang, Kaifeng and Dengfeng. Famous sites including Shaolin Temple, Yugang Grottoes, Iron Pagoda, Daxiangguo Temple and Dragon Pavilion are covered in this …