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Great Wall Tours
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Capture the essence of Beijing by visiting the most highlighted historical and cultural sites. You will also enjoy the adventurous Great Wall hiking and admire the miracle construction of the Great Wall.
To discover the charm of Beijing ancient history and culture at its most popular attractions like the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and Hutong. Also adventure the wonder the Great Wall by hiking at Jinshanling Great Wall.
As one of the most famous historical cities in China, Beijing boasts glorious imperial culture by its numerous royal heritages. You will visit the most famous historical and cultural sites in Beijing to experience the charm of ancient imperial culture the city bears.
Learn the essence culture of Hutong at nightfall. Enjoy the rich entertainment activities among the folk. Enjoy your beijing hutong tour at night time.
As a symbol of Chinese civilization, the Great Wall is a must-visit attraction when travel to China. This tour will bring you to explore the Great Wall and truly experience the magnificent of the Great Wall. You will hike at the Juyongguan Great Wall, Jiankou Great Wall and Badaling Great Wall.
Fly to Xian from Beijing to see the its most highlighted historical and cultural sites like Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Big Wild Pagoda, and Ancient City Wall. You will get a better idea about the brilliant Chinese history and culture.
Speaking of food in Beijing, many people can only remember Beijing roast duck, indeed, it is famous, however, having a long history, Beijing snacks win universal praise for their wide varieties, superior materials and careful preparation too. Beijing snacks mainly include three types: Han Nationality…
As the most symbolic part of the Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall will impress you by the magnificent construction and breathtaking views. With inclusive 2-way coach transfers and Chinese lunch in local restaurant, travel light to view the grandeur of the Great Wall! There are no unwelcome factory or …
Qingliang Valley Scenic Spot is located in Shicheng Town of Miyun County in Beijing City, which is also the first scenic spot supermarket in the suburb of Beijing. With its northern-frontier location, the beauty spot is made up of two main regions including Qingliang Lake and thousands of feet pearls…
Don’t want to travel all the way to find some place with beautiful natural scenery? Hating the hard effort you might take in the trip? If that so, I got a perfect place for you. It is only about 78 meters kilometers of Beijing, the capital city of China. It could be a nice relax spot afte…