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Hangzhou Maps
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Grand Canal, also known as the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, is the longest and most ancient canal in the world. It was constructed to start from Hangzhou north to Beijing in the length of 1,794 kilometers. The Grand Canal Map details the course of the canal and has marked out each city it runs throu…
Considered as “Heaven on earth”, Hangzhou is renowned in the whole world by its ultra beautiful landscapes. Hangzhou is one of the hottest tourist cities in China. Hangzhou Attraction Map tells the locations of tourist attractions in Hangzhou, including West Lake, Yue Fei Mu, Ling…
Hangzhou Transport Map gives a clear picture of the transportation of Hangzhou and the locations of scenic spots. Transportation methods in Hangzhou include Expressways, National Highways, Railways, Provincial Highways, 1st Order Boundary and 2nd Order Boundary.
Hangzhou Travel Map is specifically detailed at the basic information about landmarks in Hangzhou and is made to help tourists get a deep understanding of this famous and beautiful tourist city. Locations of governments, Hangzhous scenic spots and recreation centers, hotels, hospitals, townships, vil…
As the major attractions in Hangzhou, West Lake has gained its world-wide reputation by its beautiful scenery. This Hangzhou West Lake Map is a good travel guide map for West Lake as it details the layout of the West Lake and tells you what to see at West Lake.
Hangzhou City Map presents a general view of landmarks in Hangzhou. This map helps tourists to locate the locations of tourist attractions, towns and villages, roads and streets, and other major buildings in Hangzhou.
Hangzhou Railway Station Map explains the structure of the Hangzhou Railway Station. Besides the interior layout of the station like Ticket Office and Waiting Lounge are marked, exterior facilities like bus stops and Parks are also labeled out.