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Harbin tourist attractions
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Come and take this tour to see Harbin’s beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural heritage. You will also tour the magical and wonderful Ice and Snow Festival to appreciate its fantastic ice sculptures.
See Harbin’s beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural heritages as well as its fantastic ice sculptures, this tour also brings you an amazing skiing trip at Erlongshan Ski Resort.
Harbin is not only famous for its spectacular of snow scenery and ice sculptures, also its rich historical and cultural relics. Take this tour to discover essence Harbin by visiting its most highlighted attractions, also enjoy the wonderful skiing experience at Yabuli Ski Resort.
Vodka manor is located in Xiangfang district, Harbing city, Heilongjiang province,with an area of over 600,000 square meters. You might have sensed something from the keyword of its name-Vodka. It boasts to have picturesque sceneries, vast fields of landscapes and wetlands, with meandering Ashi river…
For Chinese, tiger is a symbol for auspiciousness. It stands for justice, boldness and majesty. Even since ancient times, Chinese already started using tiger figures for military use, they carved an image of tiger with gold on Commander’s seal, known as the “Tiger Seal”.…