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Inner Mongolia
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This is an elaborately designed Beijing tour themed at culture. From the ancient culture to modern culture, from imperial culture to local culture, you will get deep understanding of Beijing culture by visiting its most highlighted cultural sites.
“Dinosaur Town” and “Tea Road”, these two seemingly irrelevant name combined in the Sino-Mongolian border town Erenhot. Erenhot is the dinosaur fossil origin, and was earliest recorded in the international paleontological annals of Inner Mongolia, and now unear…
West Ujimqin Banner is a banner of Inner Mongolia, China. It is under the administration of Xilin Gol League. The beauty of grassland is not just because its lush plants, but also because of the blooming flowers, groups of cattle and sheep, standing trees, and magnificent clouds. <img alt="We…
Xilamuren Grassland is a typical highland pastures. In recent years, the local governments continue to invest to improve the reception facilities, so it has become a famous Inner Mongolia Grassland tourist spot.Xilamuren GrasslandHow to play:Walking in the Xilamuren grasslands, you will see the uniqu…
Taking the luxury Orient-Express to go inside the Inner Mongolia, where some fantasic landscape sceneries are hidden. This once-a-year China group tour by luxury train is an experience to cherish and remember for a lifetime.
Take this 4 days tour to travel to enjoy the fascinating natural scenery and experience the unique culture and customs of the Mongolian people. The spectacular Gegentala Grassland and historic sites that include Dazhao Monastery, Inner Mongolia Museum and General Government Office.
This is a specially designed tour to Hohhot to explore the spectacular scenery of grassland and the unique life and culture of Mongolians outside the Great Wall.
Explore the historic and cultural charm of Beijing at its most visited attractions as well as appreciate the essence of the ethnic Mongolian at the beautiful grassland and its places of interest.
The so-called art, relatively like to express the beauty of incomplete. I met a photographer in Ejin Banner strange forest who had been there for two consecutive years, just for a picture.Most people coming to Ejin Banner would like to see the beautiful scenery in Populus Euphratica, few of them woul…
This is an elaborately designed tour for you to explore the historic and cultural Xian, the unique scenery of the northwest China in typical Yinchuan, and the ethnic and grassland featured Hohhot.