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Kunming tour
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Kunming is also known as "City of Eternal Spring". It is a pleasant thing to play golf with friends or business partner at Kunming Sunshine golf club or Lakeview golf club. If you are looking for some kunming golf tour, here you go, enjoy your golf time at Kunming!
One of the best ways to experience Yunnan is by taking a train tour. During this train tour you will visit Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and Shangri-La the most symbolic cities of Yunnan province.
Taking a wonderful 8 day tour to Yunnan by train which will prove to be an unforgettable experience. Visit the most romantic destinations of the province of eternal spring. Be amazed by what this 8 day tour has to offer!
This colorful Yunnan 6 Days Tour will take you to Kunming, Dali and Lijiang. You can appreciate all the must-see scenery in Yunnan in 6 days. Yunnan is one of the most attractive places for tourists from all over the world due to its beautiful natural scenery, minority culture and pleasant climate.
Main Sights in Kunming:Dianchi LakeDianchi Lake is the biggest freshwater lake in Yunnan.It is also the sixth biggest lake in China. The lake is crescent-shaped, 24 miles in length and 8 miles in width. The scenery around the lake is very beautiful.There are four hills surround the lake ,making a pic…
This 2 day tour is an amazing natural scenic tour to view both sunset and sunrise on Dongchuan Red Soil Land.
Discover the magic of Yunnan with this 5 day tour of Kunming, Lijiang and Dali. Explore the historical Lijiang Old Town and the breathtaking Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Also immerse yourself in the culture of the Bai ethnic minority at Xizhou Village and enjoy the wonderful sightseeing at Erhai Lake.
The meaning of Puzhehei in Yi people language is “a lake with lots of fish and shrimps”! The crystal clear water is extremely transparent like a clear glass and one can see the deep bed of the lake.Puzhehei is a wonderful landscape with lake, karst caves, mountains and hills is a virgin land and co…
Dianchi Lake is known by different names like Kunming Lake and Lake Dian. It is situated near to Kunming in the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau. This freshwater lake is having a nickname – ‘Sparkling Pearl embedded in a Highland’.Dianchi Lake was model for Beijing’s Kunming Palace located in Summer Palace…
The Stone Forest is situated in Yunnan Province in China. It is near Shilin of Shilin Yi Autonomous county and therefore known by the name Shilin. Remarkable collection of limestone formations makes the landscape so special. Shilin is nearly one hundred kilometres away from Kunming, which is capital …