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The most magnificent scenery and ancient cultures of Yunnan are waiting to be explored. Yunnan province is one of the most enchanting places to visit in China, with its vibrant ethnic minorities and pleasant weather and some of the most amazing tourist attractions.
There are many kinds of flowers in the Autumn of Dali. Walking in the ancient city of the Peoples Road, you may not see the warm greeting waiter in front of the restaurants, but you will be impressed by the flowers and vegetables neatly placed in front of the door. If you have an afternoon and evenin…
The meaning of Puzhehei in Yi people language is “a lake with lots of fish and shrimps”! The crystal clear water is extremely transparent like a clear glass and one can see the deep bed of the lake.Puzhehei is a wonderful landscape with lake, karst caves, mountains and hills is a virgin land and co…