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Visit the most famous Guilin for the most wonderful sightseeing. You can also experience a short hike in Longsheng and enjoy the terrace fields of the ethnic minorities village in Longsheng!
You will enjoy the wonderful scenery by river cruise and also visit the famous terrace fields in Longsheng. Experience the local life in the minority village!
This tour will take you to some remote minority villages around Guilin. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the ethnic minority culture and experience the folk culture at Longsheng.
Guilin is not only famous for its beautiful karsts and river scenery. There are also the amazing rice terraces of the minority villages up in the mountains. This special experience to the minority village in Longsheng will be spectacular.
I came just as Hungry Ghost Festival, and made a trip to a small town in the Chaozhou-Shantou area, Longjiang Town. Although it is just a small town, there are living lots of people. It is also an important farm commercial center in the Chaozhou-Shantou area, which is very bustling during the holiday…
Appreaciate one of the most beautiful rice terraces in China by joining this Longji Rice Terraces One Day Tour (Join In tour), the view is amazing when you stand at the top of the terraces.
Long Ji Terraced Fields is located in Heping Town, southeast of Longsheng County of Guangxi provice, 80 kilometers from Guilin. It was built in the Yuan Dynasty and was completed in early Qing Dynasty, over 650 years of history, and it is one of the twenty-one A level scenic spots in Guangxi, mixing …
Shanghai tour, Suzhou tour and Hangzhou tour is famous for a lot of foreigners. Come to join this China group tour and you can enjoy the attractions in these 3 cities. Come on! dont miss this great chance to enjoy!
Zhijiang, a low-key county in nowadays but had attracted the eye of the world in the past. This is a Dong Autonomous County in Hunan, and has been named one of the 66 Chinese Culture and Tourism counties that one must visit in his life. During World War II, Zhijiang was the location for general headq…
The first time to see Longji terraced fields. It is as shy as a girl, vast expanse of hazy, covered with a layer of tulle still holds partly concealed like. I thought I had no chance to see the beauty of Longji this trip, because there was heavy fog. But some time later, the mists descended, looming,…