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Lychee Bay
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China Tour Advisors presents you with the most wonderful Xinjiang tour! On this Xinjiang trip, you will go to the main touist attractions in Xinjiang. Such as Multi-coloured Bay, Dragon Bay, Saints Bay, Kanas Lake, Hemu Grassland, Fish Watching Pavilion, Hemu Village, Irtysh River.
Guilin and Guangzhou are two different cities with its distinctive features. On this tour, you will visit all the must go places in both cities. You can enjoy the musical fountain at Zhaoqing, take the Li River Cruise in Guilin and wander along West Street in Yangshuo.
This Canton tour is specially designed for Singaporean travellers. It is a perfect trip for those Chinese Singaporeans who immigrant from Guangdong province. Youll go to visit the memorial arch, Chinese ancient garden and taste local food. So for those who want to worship ancestor and searching for t…
A Guangzhou friend whose hometown is Dongshan says “Master Dongshan, Miss Xiguan”. Days ago, I went to the Xiguan he mentioned in the words. But unfortunately, there was wind and rain on that day I visited Xiguan.Xiguan was the commercial downtown area in the past time, and the we…