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Pingyao Ancient City
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Explore the charm of the famous ancient historical and cultural Pingyao to know the unique history and culture of Shanxi Province. You will visit Pingyao Ancient City, Rishengchang Exchange House and Wangs Family Compound during this tour.
This tour brings you to visit Pingyao and Taiyuan, two famous historical and cultural cities in Shanxi Province. By visiting Pingyao Ancient City and Qiaos Family Compound, you will get to know the glorious history and brilliant culture of Shanxi Province.
Shanxi Province boasts a long history and glorious culture. This tour takes you to visit cities of Datong, Pingyao and Taiyuan, where you will experience the essence of Shanxi ancient culture by way of Buddhist architectures and temples, Shanxi merchant culture and Yungang Grottoes.
This is a specially designed tour for you to explore the historical and cultural cities of Taiyuan, Datong and Pingyao to experience the glorious Shanxi local culture and merchant culture, and Buddhist culture. Also you will explore the sacred Mount Wutai.
Pingyao is a pride for Chinese people, when there was no Wall Street, the people here had already been in full swing doing the business of Wall Street. The Ancient City of Pingyao is located in central Shanxi, has 2700 years of history, and is the only cultural city in the whole successful listed in …
There are some beautiful places on earth where nobody has yet visited. China too has its unseen side, from the due unexplored Middle China where jungles that are covered with vegetation and foliage to the renowned historic cities and towns are the classic examples. The undiscovered wildness of the Mi…
The 2017 Pingyao International Photography Festival was held in Pingyao Ancient Town in September. The festival attracted over 2,000 photographers from all over the world and a total of 16,000 photographs were on display. Pingyao Ancient Town was once the most prosperous county of Shanxi Province. Fo…