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Shaanxi History Museum
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As one of the famous historical and cultural cities in China, Xian boasts a long history and glorious culture. This tour takes you to see the most highlighted places of interest in Xian to get to know the brilliant ancient history and culture Xian bears.
Xian is a famous historical and cultural city with glorious Chinese ancient history and culture, also the city has a rich and brilliant Buddhism culture. This tour will bring you to see the most visited places of interests in Xian and also to explore those classic sites that bear Buddhism culture.
This tour brings you to explore Chinas two famous ancient capitals Xian and Luoyang to experience the charm of brilliant Chinese ancient history and culture. Famous sites like Terracotta Warriors and Horses, the Ancient City Wall, Lomeng Grottoes, and Shaolin Temple are included in this tour.
Capture the essence of ancient Chinese history and culture by visiting Chinas two most famous historical cities Beijing and Xian. Also you will enjoy beautiful natural scenery with this tour like the tour to Mount Hua.
Find winters delights in Beijing, Harbin, Xian and Shanghai, each offering a different experience and fun for you. Visit landmarks, historical sites, icons of China, Ice and Snow World tour, ice lantern show, snow sculpture art expo and so on. Please come to enjoy the difference winter in China!
Going on the tour...The Pearl of Ancient Capitals, China treasure house - Shaanxi History MuseumShaanxi Museum is a must if travel to Xian, because since the heyday in the history of China, Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang Dynasty established their capital near Xian, so there are Shang and Zhou bronzes, Han a…
Shaanxi History Museum is located in Xi’an city, the northeast side of the Great Wild Goose Pagoda. If you have no idea where Shaanxi is, then the phrase Terra-Cotta Warriors might ring a bell. In this land full of history, there are tons of hot tourists spots of any period. Visiting them a…