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This tour takes you to discover the unique religious Tibetan culture and life by visiting the most highlighted holy monasteries. Also a visit to the magnificent Mt. Everest will add more delights to this tour.
Visit the most highlighted monasteries in Tibet to experience the profound religious culture and life of Tibetan. Also you will visit the most famous religious sites in Shigatse and Shegar, and travel to enjoy the stunning scenery of Mount Everest.
Standing in front of Mount Qomolangma, you may feel extremely sacred.Everest Base Camp (EBC) is set up for protecting the core area of Mount Everest, Whose height is 5200 meters and 19 kilometers away from the peak of Qomolangma. In the past, car must stop in Rongbuk Monastery, and tourists must ride…
When it comes to Tibet tour, what comes to your head first? Most people would answer the Potala Palace right away. You could be right but there is so much more to explore in the holy land of Tibet. If you want to find a nice escape, somewhere more peaceful than Lhasa, you don’t want to miss the Zha…