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This tour not only enables you to appreciate the highlighted places of interest in Beijing and Tianjin, also have a pleasant trip to the famous summer retreat Chengde Mountain Resort.
This exciting sidecar tour brings you to experience the authentic Beijing life and culture by sidecar riding.
Taking the luxury Orient-Express to go inside the Inner Mongolia, where some fantasic landscape sceneries are hidden. This once-a-year China group tour by luxury train is an experience to cherish and remember for a lifetime.
To explore the unique landscapes and experience the interesting Mongolian nomadic culture in the beautiful Chifeng with this great tour!
Hulunbuir Nationality Museum, Golden Horde Mongolian Tribe, Erguna Wetland, Heishantou Port, Manzhouli, Matryoshka Doll Square, Hulun Lake and Dahl Jilin Temple
Experience the Mongolian culture of Xilingol with this memorable 5-day tour! You will enjoy the great outdoors with tours of the best preserved grasslands of Inner Mongolia. Also you will enjoy the cultural activities where you can learn about the Mongolian culture and hospitality.
Take this tour to enjoy the charm of ancient Chinese history and culture at Luoyang and Dengfeng. You will visit the highlighted attractions of Longmen Grottoes, White Horse Temple, Shaolin Temple, and Forest of Pagodas.
Capture the essence of Datong by visiting its most highlighted historical and cultural sites. Also tour to Pingyao to enjoy the charming Pingyao Ancient City and explore at Qiaos Family Compound.
This is an elaborately designed tour for you to see the most famous historical and cultural sites in Henan Proveince. You will visit cities of Luoyang, Kaifeng and Dengfeng. Famous sites including Shaolin Temple, Yugang Grottoes, Iron Pagoda, Daxiangguo Temple and Dragon Pavilion are covered in this …
Start from Beijing and take train to explore the essence of Datong and its historical and cultural sites. Also discover the charm of Pingyao Ancient City.
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