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danxia landform at a geopark in zhangye china

Hong Kong Come Horseracing Tour for normal days
Enjoy the first-class HK horse racing in the Happy Valley and Sha Tin Racecourses, experiencing tension and delight that racing entertainment brings. Furthermore, palatable buffet lunch and...
Hong Kong 4 Days Ocean Park and Lantau Tour
This 4 days 3 nights Hong Kong tour package will let you have a chance to visit the fantasy world - Ocean Park to enjoy a dolphin show, see all kinds of fishes swim above your head and take the cable car to enjoy the 360 view of Lantau island.
Xiamen, Yongding & Mount Wuyi 5 Days Tour
Wuyi Mountain is a landscape of treasure. Because of the typical Danxia landform, rounding Jiuqu stream, plus the mysterious ancient Minyue culture it gained the title World Natural and Cultural Heritage. This Xiamen Wuyi Mountain Tour will leave you with beautiful memories!
One Day Hong Keng Hakka Tulou Cluster Tour
The Tulou cluster is an exceptional example of a building tradition and function exemplifying a particular type of communal living and defensive organization living in a harmonious relationship with their environment. The Tulou was enlisted in 2008 by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.
Guangzhou Kaiping Xinhui 3 days tour
This tour includes train tour of tradional Guangzhou, unesco heritage sites of Diaolou Clusters in Kaiping, natural Birds Paradise Island in Xinhui, and ferry from Jiangmen to Hong Kong.
No.1 Splendid Pass in the World
Jiayuguan is located in 5 kilometers to west of Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province. It’s the dominator of western Great wall in Ming Dynasty and the first pass in Hexi since ancient time. And also it is the traffic fort of “ancient silk road”. Jiayuguan is famous for its strategy location and majestic spectacle, known as “the fi...
Stay Up To 21 Days Visa Free in China
The past couple of months has seen the 72 hour Visa free transit policy being implemented in other cities throughout China. The recent policy applies to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, where visitors who are transiting through the city for another country destination are given the rights to stay in the city for 72 hours without a Visa. Th...
Meet another silent city of gardens in China
As for Suzhou Gardens, it is the famous national ancient cultural place with various gardens, and it is famous as heaven in the world and city of gardens. The wonderful ar-tical excelling and precise decorating skills of the gardens make people astonished, the most representative gardens in Suzhou are the Humble Administrator's Garden, Liu gard...
Discovering Wudalianchi Geological Park
There are always beautiful sentences stating how wonderful the nature is, the beautiful landform after a horrible volcano eruption is one of the amazing facts. People will love Wudalianchi Geological Park in Heilongjiang provided they are wondering how much surprise the nature can give us, and Wudalianchi can offer the angry side. China has 44 nati...
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