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Come and take this tour to explore the spectacular scenery of Mt. Huangshan and enjoy the charming Hongcun to experience the Hui architecture and culture.
In different seasons, Xiling Mountain has different beauty and you can experience different views. Among the different view, one of the most attractive is snow mountain. Joint this tour route, you can have the opportunity to take part in interesting activities and taste famous Chengdu snacks.
Taking the luxury Orient-Express to go inside the Inner Mongolia, where some fantasic landscape sceneries are hidden. This once-a-year China group tour by luxury train is an experience to cherish and remember for a lifetime.
Yinchuan, capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, not only has beautiful scenery in winter,but also is famous sports and leisure city in northwest China.In winter,Yinchuan is not extremely cold and the weather is comfortable.Vistors come to Yinchuan can feel the magnificent winter, experience t…
Mt Qiyun located at the foot of Huangshan Mountains, Anhui Province. The Qiyun Mountain is among the four mountains held sacred by Taoist in China. The mountain rises 585 meters above sea-level and extends for 100 square kilometres. In the region of Qiyun Mountain, therere 36 strange peaks. Qiyun Mou…
Winter has made its appearance across different cities in China with the first sights of snowfall. However, one of the most magical places to visit during winter has to be Tianmen Mountain with its beautiful silver frosted forests and snow covered mountain scenery. Tianmen Mountain is a part of Zhang…