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xian attractions
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This tour takes you to visit the less visited but are also of high historical significance sites. You will visit Qianling Mausoleum and Famen Temple from which you will get to know the ancient mausoleum and temple architecture.
Capture the essence of ancient Chinese history and culture by visiting Chinas two most famous historical cities Beijing and Xian. Also you will enjoy beautiful natural scenery with this tour like the tour to Mount Hua.
Huaqing Hot Spring is also called Huaqing Palace, which is located in the north side of Lishan and about 30 kilometers away from Xi’an. It is the famous resort of hot spring in China. Many tourists have a bath here evey year. Additionally, Wujian Hall—former site of Xi’a…
Located near the Drum Tower on 30 Huajue Lane of Xian, the Great Mosque is the oldest and one of the most renowned mosques in China, as well as the major spot for the religious activities of over 60000 Moslems in Xian. It is also an important historic monument in Shaanxi Province.Unlike other Arabic …
Stele Forest Museum is a place of interest in Xi’an featured with historic and cultural characteristics and it is the place where steles and stone sculptures are reserved. This Xi’an Stele Forest Museum Map shows the layout of the Stele Forest Museum and is an introductive guide f…