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Macau World Heritage

The Historic Center of Macau is the largest, most ancient and well-preserved co-existence of western-style buildings in China. As the witness of the profound exchange of western and Chinese cultures in the aspects of culture, architecture, religion and technology, the Historic Center of Macau was inscribed in the list of the World’s Cultural and Natural Heritage in 2005. There are 22 buildings including urban squares, streetscapes, churches and temples in the Historic Center of Macau. Famous sites like A-Ma Temple, Ruins of St Paul’s Church, the Mount Fortress, the Section of the Old City Wall, and the Leal Senado Building are all included in the Historic Center of Macau and you should not miss out these great buildings when travel to Macau.

A-Ma Temple


Shanhaiguan Great Wall> Details

Section of the Old City Walls

无标题文档 The Section of Old City Walls is remains of Macau’s military defense structures, the old city wall of Macau that was constructed as early as 1569 to defense outside attacks by...> Details

Ruins of St. Paul's


Shanhaiguan Great Wall> Details

Senado Square

Shanhaiguan Great Wall> Details

Holy House of Mercy

Shanhaiguan Great Wall> Details

Guia Fortress

The Guia Fortress was built between 1622 and 1638 due to attempts of the Dutch to invade and seize Macau from the Portuguese. The fortress is made up of lighthouse and the Guia Chapel known as Capela de Nossa Senhora da Guia in Portuguese.

The Guia lighthouse dates b...> Details

Lou Kau Mansion

Lou Kau Mansion (Casa de Lou Kau) once belonged to the famous Lou Kau who was once known as the “King of Gambling” in Macau. The mansion is believed to have been built in 1889 and is a two-storey traditional courtyard house (Siheyuan) exhibiting Xiguan architecture....> Details

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