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Hohhot Night Life

In Hohhot, there are decent entertainment places and some great bars. The Mongolian people are fond of singing and dancing late into the night and so there are a many places that are open late and provide variety of dishes. Some venues feature nightly Mongolian shows and others cater towards Western tastes. There is a brand-new bar street completed in late summer 2007, which even has a strip bar in European-style. The bar street runs from Zhandong Lu in the west to Xinchun Lu in the east.

Whatever you are looking for, if you are in the mood to enjoy Hohhot’s nightlife, you will certainly find it.

Bars and Clubs in Hotels

Inner Mongolia Hotel
Location: 31, Wulanchabu West Road

Xin Cheng Hotel
Location: 40, Hulun South Road

Phoenix Hotel Inner Mongolia
Location: Wulanchabu Dong Road


Hohhot Dian Ying Gong
Location: Xincheng West Street

Showroom of Inner Mongolia Film Producer
Location: Xinjian East Street

Hohhot Film Distribution and Projecting Company
Location: Xincheng South Street

Hohhot Railway Workers' Cultural Palace
Location: Xilin North Road