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Jinan Night Life

Haoqing Nightclub
Add: #14 Erqi South Rd. Jinan
Tel: 2971717
Hours: 7pm-1am

Jinma Nightclub
Add: Jinma Hotel, Jinma Rd. Jinan
Tel: 8663410
Hours: 6am-1am

Meishen Disco Bar
Add: #16 Heping Rd. Jinan
Tel: 2480032
Description: This is the largest disco bar in the city.
Hours: 6am-2am

Qilu Cinema
Add: #38 Lishan Rd. Jinan
Tel: 6420640
Hours: 10:00 am-12:00am

China Cinema
Add: #1 Jinsi Rd. Jinan
Tel: 6020775
Hours: 10:00 am-12:00am

Zhonglu Bowling Alley
Add: #15 Yingxiongshan Rd. Jinan
Description: Equipped with 32 lines, it's very popular with local people.
Tel: 2060064
Hours: 24 hours

Shandong Provincial Sports Center Bowling Alley
Add: #124 Jinshi Rd. Jinan
Tel: 2023573
Description: advanced facilities, the largest bowling center in Jinan
Hours: 24 hours