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Lingshui Night Life

Tropical climate and long coast line have endowed Lingshui with many gorgeous scenic spots. Near the coast line of Lingshui Li Autonomous County scatters a dozen of resorts, pristine villages, islands and a rainforest park.

Fenjiezhou Island (Hainan Boundary Island)
Hainan Boundary Island is the first 5A-grade Sea-island scenic spot in China. It has been called as a gorgeous islet remaining aloof from the world. As a tropical old-growth island, Hainan Boundary Island affords a perfect blend of soft sea sand, transparent seawater, rare marine organisms, as well as exciting tourist facilities.

Monkey Island 
Monkey Island Ecological Conservation Area located in the South Bay Peninsula, is the one-of-a-kind island macaco monkey nature conservation spot in China. It earned the big name for its 2500 monkeys inhabited in the area. In the meantime, it has over 400 species of tropical plants and 100 types of animal. The cableway connecting Hainan Island and South Bay Peninsula registers the longest cross-sea one in China. 

Diaoluoshan National Rainforest Park
Diaoluo Mountain National Forest Park is situated in the southeast corner of Hainan Island. As a tourist attraction with considerable volumn, it boasts for pristine rainforest, splendid waterfalls, rich tropical species, and gorgeous lake.

Yetian Ancient Village
Yetian Ancient Village is located near the Eastern Highway exit of Lingshui county in Hainan Province. It covers an area of 50 acres. As a major tourist attraction in local community, Yetian Ancient Village is a window which showcases Li and Miao nationality folk culture.