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Luoyang Night Life

The really wonderful day begins at night, this saying is especially true in Luoyang. Although Luoyang is an ancient city with the profound ancient culture, the locals enjoy a colorful and fashionable nightlife particularly in recent years. Luoyang is well-known for its low-priced snacks, you can taste the snacks along the street and in a short time you may get a full stomach.

Maybe the nightlife in Luoyang is not as crowded as it is in Beijing or Shanghai, but it is no less fascinating. When the night is approaching, thousands of colorful lamps in the shape of blossoming peonies lit along the streets.

A performance known as “He Luo Feng” is worth watching, which shows the profound culture of the city. The dancers wear traditional clothes and playing ancient musical instruments will take you back thousands of years under the dulcet music and glittering lights. There are six acts which tell the ancient legends and long history of Luoyang’s thriving past, recession, as well as stories about Luoyang’s peonies.

The locals especially the young generations are fond of relaxing in various bars and other entertainment centers such as KTV, bathing houses and beauty salons. There are a few tiny bars on Zhu Jiang Road. KTV, restaurants and bars are lined up and very colorful. Wondering along the road at night is enjoyable.


Luoyang Opera House
It is the biggest opera house in the city with 1,000 seats. Beijing, Chuan and Yue opera are often performed here.
Hours: 8pm-10am
Address: Zhongzhou Road, Luoyang

Bars / Teahouses / Clubs
Luoyang Royal Night Club
It is the luxurious VIP rooms, KTV rooms available. One of the best clubs in Luoyang, Music Band
Hours: 7pm-2am
Address: No. 204 Zhongzhou Road, Luoyang

Asia Disco Club
Hours: 7pm-2am
Address: Shanghai Market, Jianxi, Luoyang

Luoyang People’s Hall
A theatre with great sound equipment and excellent amenities
Hours: 9pm-10pm
Address: No.29, Qing Nian Palace, Laocheng District, Luoyang