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Urumqi Night Life

As a remote and inland city, Urumqi does have its own style nightlife, such as night markets, ethnic singing and dancing show, local snack bars etc.It’s also abounding with restaurants, KTVs, barbecue stalls, and dance bars.Watching movie in the cinema is also porpular in the locals.

1. Bars

There are dozens of pubs, internet cafes, bowling clubs, tea and coffee bars located on the Jiefang Nan Road.It’s a great place to enjoy the unique regional culture.

2. Wu Yi Night Market

Wu Yi Night Market is a popular street with numerous food stalls.Vistors can buy everythin here from kebabs to soup.Many local people spend their happy, leisure time by eating various delicacies here.

3. Ethnic Singing & Dancing Show

It’s a good choice to enjoy the local ethnic singing and dancing show in International Grand Bazaar Entertainment Square.The shows is started at 6:00 pm in the open air which is free and in the Banquet Hall which charges 168 Yuan for dinner and show.

4. Oscar Youhao International Cinema

Oscar Youhao International is one of the best cinemas in Urumqi.It can accommodate 1,500 people and attracted a lot of people during the weekends.After watching a film,it’s a good choice to check out the shops in the mall located downstairs.