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Wuzhen Night Life

When night falls, you will find Wuzhen in a total different atmosphere. It is quite, elegant, and charming. You can enjoy the night view of Wuzhen by taking a walk. Or you can find a bar, teahouse or café to experience the beautiful water town in Northern China.

Scenic Café
This Café is reconstructed by a two old courtyard house which is called as Zhangguanfang by local people.It’s said that the building was in the Daoguang period (1821-1850), Qing Dynasty.The coffee and snacks here are wonderful. There are plenty of seats under the old trees and near the Water Pavilion making it the perfect place killing the time.

Ripples Western Restaurant

This bar is decorated to the theme of “Time Passes Like Flowing Water” (Si Shui Nian Hua) which is a popular Chinese television show.It offers wonderful wine from more than 20 countries.With a bright and spacious central area,the bar is suitable for larger parties.