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Zhuhai Night Life

Zhuhai's nightlife when night falls is something defintely to experience. There are many choices for you to enjoy an amazing nightlife in Zhuhai. If you don’t feel like running around, Wanjing (Thousands of Sceneries) City is a smart choice. It is an integrated center with a lot of restaurants, entertainment places, and stores. There is the largest disco club, kart track, and shops for clothes and electronics. It is really a good place for spending your night time. Like other cities in China, Karaoke is very popular among Zhuhai people. So you can find a variety of KTVs here. Top KTV is one located in Mingzhu Square of Xiangzhou District. 

Shuiwan Lu Bar Street

The bar district is located along Shuiwan Lu, a prosperous street in Gongbei District. There are commercial hubs dotting the area, and Shuiwan Lu has always been known as a street popular for young couples. The area has the architecture of the west and exhibits a European style. There are decorative lawns and other green areas nestled in between row after row of bars, cafes, and restaurants.

This bar district by the harbor is very popular with locals and visitors. Every day after sunset, visitors swarm to the area looking for their favorite watering holes and hanging out with friends. This is a district that won't disappoint with a wide range of different venues to suit a variety of visitors. There are highly energetic dance clubs, the more relaxed pub houses, and also restaurants and bars that offer genuine western dining. The wine and liquor selection is also very good with French, Spanish, Italian and other liquors from all over the world.

Address: Shuiwan Road, Gongbei District, Zhuhai

Sky in Sky Bar

The Sky in Sky Bar has multiple functions. They have alfresco seating for those that like to chat and watch the night view by the harbor. The first floor has a bar and lounge seats where visitors are able to enjoy music mixed by the DJ and other live performances. There is also a large bar in the middle that serves various drinks. VIP private rooms are up on the second floor for those that prefer some privacy. Sky in Sky carries a nice selection of premium wines and various cocktails. 

Address: Shuiwan (Harbor) Bar District
Telephone: (+86) 75 6815 8999
Opening hours: 20:00-02:00

China (Xiyanghui)

This is a very unique venue that is all about the traditional feel of China; this theme is evident in the interior decoration and in the traditional Chinese attire donned by the wait staff. They, however, serve up western food. Recommended are their steaks with delicious sauces, seafood curry, German-style pig's feet, and big portions of salads. A famous dish from Macau called “sole” is another unique addition on the menu; you should definitely try it. They carry a nice selection of wine and liquor along with coffee drinks. Live performances by bands take place every night starting at 21:40.

Address: 205 -209 Shuiwan Rd, Zhuhai
Telephone: (+86) 75 6889 2444
Opening hours: 20:00-02:00

No. 88 Bar

This venue has a very classic feel and offers an eclectic selection of karaoke rooms catering to different customers. It's also one of the more upscale bar venues in the district. The place is decorated to integrate both Eastern and Western styles – going for that overall feel of being both grand and trendy. Their karaoke rooms provide visitors with a variety of choices that range from different themes to deluxe and VIP; each of the rooms are fitted with the best entertainment and karaoke-singing equipment. This is a bar that caters more to expats and foreign visitors.

Address: 203-205 Shuiwan (Harbor) Bar District Zhuhai
Telephone: (+86) 75 6888 9188
Opening hours: 19:30-02:00