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Dongshan Mutton

Another famous food in Hainan is called Dongshan Mutton. With the same reason for calling the dish, Dongshan is in Wanning City as the birthplace of Dongshan Mutton.

Why it is famous
Dongshan Goat has been famous since the Song Dynasty, and was once listed as tribute to the court. The delicious meat can be prepared in a variety of ways such as frying, stewing and boiling, and is widely available in Sanya hotels and restaurants.

Lamb is one of the most famous local specialties in Hainan. The local Dongshan Goat is distinct from other breeds in which the color is uniformly black and its flesh, short of the usual unpleasant smell, is much more tender.

How it tastes
Dongshan goats are raised on the slopes of Dongshan peak in Wanning City. The mountain tender Zhegu tea-leaves are the favorite food of the sheep. Their meat is aromatic and non-greasy. It tastes delicious alone or can be made into a rich soup.

The meat is cooked with individual seasoning and ingredients. The finished course is appealingly red in color and savory to taste.