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Famous Snack

Snacks in Xiamen represent the essentials of Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan and have developed into series in vogue welcomed by people. These snacks are of more than 200 varieties. They pay great attention to ingredients and special making technology. Also they demonstrate a rich local flavor, sell at a reasonable price and meet the needs of the people from different economic levels. The famous ones include the bamboo shoot jelly, fried oysters, noodle gruel, spring rolls, and pyramid-shaped dumplings made of glutinous rice and pork wrapped in reed leaves, peanut soup, cakes with leek stuffing, parched flour, Poria cocos cake, shrimp noodles, glutinous rice porridge cooked with sea crab meat, steamed bun with mashed stuffing, soup of glutinous rice flour ball with sesame seeds on it and pancakes sandwiched with sugar between. With all these snacks in front of you, you will find it difficult to choose.

In addition, Dafeng rump pork and seafood-flavor chafing dish from Tong’an will impress you more, leaving a lasting and pleasant aftertaster.