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Fried Yellow Rice Pie

Zha Yougao is a kind of important dim sum in Shanxi. It is a must for local people during the New Year days or other important festivals.

What is it
The steamed half-dried yellow rice dough is kneaded until smooth while it is hot, divided into small blocks and wraps the black sugar, dates or bean paste in the small blocks of dough. Then they are fired to a golden color. These fried yellow rice pies are eaten with some sugar. The crisp outside and soft sweet inside may give you an impressive taste.

Methods to eat
The methods for eating have two kinds, one is plain cake, and the second is to fry cakes in oil.
“Plain cakes” does not pass to fry in oil a work preface, after work well it is very tasty to eat with the meat vegetables, namely so-called” yellow cakes bubble meat, didn’t eat enough”.
A Fry cake in oil to relatively pay attention to, it has three characteristics which are small, thin skin and many patterns. Its pattern species have three kinds which are the bean farcing, sugar farcing of cent, the vegetables farcing.