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Hong Ye Lou

Hong Ye Lou mainly specializes in mutton hot pot and beef hot pot with oodles of other snacks and dishes on offer. Lamb sweetbread soup, steamed dumplings, sliced lamb with green onions and sliced beef or mutton with egg and black mushrooms are also very popular dishes here. 
The restaurant consists of four floors, the first floor along with the second are for hot pots. The third floor is for barbeques and the fourth provide private boxes. The service is warm and thoughtful. The foods are toothsome with reasonable prices, which is an ideal place for family gathering and friends meeting.
Signature Dishes: Mutton Hot Pot, Beef Hot Pot, Lamb Sweetbread Soup, Steamed Dumplings, Sliced Lamb with Green Onions, Sliced Beef, Mutton with Eggs, Black Mushrooms

Business Hours: 09:00—22:00

Parking Lot
: Yes

Mutton Hot Pot