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Huiyan Lou Restaurant

Huiyan Lou Restaurant is a noted Halal restaurant in Urumqi which is specialized in the theme of Hui nationality. This restaurant is built in Islamic style. It is famous for its large scale and quite authentic Halal food.

From the outside, this restaurant is not so grand or luxury, but when stepping into the restaurant, you will find it a large one. Even this restaurant is located in the busy business district, but you will feel peaceful when dining at the restaurant thanks to the cozy and peaceful decoration inside the restaurant. The first floor of the restaurant is occupied by private rooms and there is a huge dining hall on the underground floor.

At Huiyan Lou Restaurant, you have the chance to enjoy authentic Halal food. The Muslim food here is made with traditional and creative methods, which make it tasty with unique flavor. There are a wide choices of delicate Halal dishes of Hui style to choose at this regional restaurant. Of course, the mutton kebabs should not be missed out here. Chinese Pearl Meatball is a top-choice dish among customers for its special appearance and tasty flavor. Another unique and popular dish at the restaurant is Millet Gruel Braised Sea Cucumber. By the way, tourists should not miss out the Vinegar-flavored Moo Shu Beef.
Apart from delicious and authentic food, what should be also mentioned of the restaurant is its considerate services and best location.

Signature Dishes: Mutton Kebab, Pearl Meatball, Millet Gruel Braised Sea Cucumber, Vinegar-flavored Moo Shu Beef, Yoghurt, Spicy Cabbage, Peppery Chicken
Business Hours: 11:00AM—12:00PM
Average Cost Per Person: CNY 90~150