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Jiaji Duck

Jiaji Town is famous for the duck. Where is it? It is in the Qiongdao City of Hainan Island. Some one said, this kind of duck was introduced by the overseas Chinese from Malaysia 300 hundred years ago, so it is also known as "foreign duck". Jiaji Duck, also called "Fan Duck", is different from both the local duck and Beijing Duck.

Why it is special
On one hand, the breeding way of this is special. Jiaji Duck are raised along the Wanquan River in Jiaji Town, in Qionghai City. As is grows, this special breed is kept in coops and fed with rice, grain, sweet potato, and chaff. So that it has thick meat, thin skin, soft bone and little fat.

On the other hand, the cooking way of Jiaji Duck is also particular. The traditional way to prepare which it is to boil it in water, dice it, then eat with mixture of vinegar, chopped ginger and sesam oil. Stewed Jiaji Duck with Chinese caterpillar fungus is said to make one strong and healthy. What distinguishes this variety of duck from others is that the fat between the skin and flesh has a special fragrance.

The value of this dish
The folks of Hainan take the Jiaji Duck to be as the medicine food of repairing falsely and tired, boil them with the insect grass that is in winter together, they can nourish the body; boil the duck porridge with duck and the sticky rice together, it has the larger nourishing of effect; Such as the effect that have already kept the stomach and increase the blood, promote the body fluid.