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Kuergan Restaurant

Situated right beside the International Bazaar, Kuergan Restaurant is a Halal restaurant with convenient transportation. This restaurant has gained wide popularity amongst Muslims in Urumqi and has attracted numerous customers due to its grand environment and tasty Halal dishes served and reasonable prices.

Creative Muslim dishes are provided at Kuergan restaurant. Choices are available, from the sweet grenadine juice to yogurt, from lamb kebabs to big plate chicken, from grilled buns to Xinjiang hand-taken rice, from Xinjiang rice noodles to Kuergan Nang, among which the grenadine juice and yoghurtare highly recommended. These various fresh and tasty dishes will really compel your admiration.

Signature Dishes: Sweet Grenadine Juice, Yogurt, Lamb Kebabs, Big Plate Chicken, Grilled Buns, Xinjiang Hand-taken Rice, Xinjiang Rice Noodles, Kuergan Nang

Business Hours: 10:00AM—7:00PM