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Loubeilou Restaurant is one of the major Muslim restaurants at the Muslim quarter in Xi'an. It is located in the north of the famous Gulou and is close to the Xi'an Municipal Government, thus it has convenient transportation.

Loubeilou Restaurant is an old Islamic restaurant and is well-known in Xi'an. The restaurant has clean and bright environment to ensure a pleasant dining environment. This is quite a spacious restaurant and is large enough to hold dozens of tables. Services here at the restaurant are quick and efficient.

Loubeilou Restaurant gains its fame by its Islamic characterized beef and mutton dishes and the famous local Shaanxi snacks Yangrou Paomo, cruded pancake served with mutton soup.

Halal food at Loubeilou Restaurant is authentic and original with unique and tasty Muslim flavors. Recommended Muslim dishes are the roasted lamb chops, cumin beef and big plate chicken with Chinese chess nuts. A more popular dish is the crispy fried lamb leg which should be the must-eat when dining at Loubeilou Restaurant.

The notable Shaanxi local specialty Yangrou Paomo or Niurou Paomo is the hottest dish in this restaurant. Every customer would not miss out this tasty dish. Actually eating the paomo is a enjoyable experience as you have to make the cruded pancake into pieces with your hands by yourself. And this slow procedure brings you casual relaxation. At this time, a pleasant chat with your friends would add more fun.

Signature Dishes: Yangrou Paomo, Niurou Paomo, Crispy Fried Lamb Leg, Sesame Paste Cold Noodle, Plum Syrup, Beef, Lamb Kebab

Business Hours: 10:00—22:00

Parking Pot: YES