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Medicated Dishes

Medicated dishes have a long history in China. People get tonic from the food cooked together withmedicinalherbs while having meals in order to prevent and cure diseases. 

Medicated dishes in Xiamen have their own unique flavor after carrying forward traditional cooking skills and experiencing constant innovations. Firstly, good ingredients should be selected in order to illustrate dishes. Secondly, these dishes are cooked carefully in clean utensils in order to let people enjoy the dishes with their senses of taste and sight. Thirdly, with medicinal herbs as main ingredients, but the dishes are fragrant and tasty and demonstrate excellent cooking methods. Fourthly, the recipes of medicated dishes will change in different seasons in order to bring into full play the regulative function of dishes. The Taiwan-flavor dish of female duck cooked with ginger is a masterpiece of the medicated dishes. The Lujiang Habourview Hotel in Xiamen is the best place to taste medicated dishes.