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Muslim Ma Family Hot Pot Restaurant

Muslim Ma Family Hot Pot Restaurant is a famous Muslim restaurant that specializes to provide Halal hot pot in Qingdao. When for a Qingdao Halal tour and want to taste Muslim food, this Muslim Ma Family Hot Pot Restaurant is great choice.

Muslim Ma Family Hot Pot Restaurant has established its own production and processing base for beef and mutton in the province of Inner Mongolia. Therefore, the main Muslim beef and mutton materials at the restaurant are quite fresh and healthy. Beef and mutton at the Muslim Ma Family Hot Pot is characterized by the four outstanding flavors of "numb, spicy, fresh and fragrant”.

Hot pot at the restaurant is uniquely Muslim featured with a lot of choices. And of course you can order other Muslim dishes except the hot pot. The fried dumplings with mutton are a quite popular Muslim dish among customers. Here at this restaurant, you can not only the authentic Muslim food, also it is a great place to experience the Halal culture by their services and decoration.

Signature Dishes: Mutton, Hot Pot, Oyster, Fish Ball, Abalone, Stewed Chicken with Three Cups Sauces

Business Hours: 09:30—22:30

Parking Pot: free parking