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Qizi Douwei Restaurant

It is a restaurant mainly serves Southeast China style dishes. Huoche Tou (火车头, unique braised ribs with sweet potatoes), fried stinky tofu (香炸臭豆腐) and roe tofu (鱼子豆腐)are top three dishes there. Soya-bean milk is very nice.

Chinese name: 奇滋豆味 Qizi Douwei /qee-dsee doww-way/
Average price per person: 37 yuan
Address:182 South Fourteenth Street, Daowai District (道外区南十四道街182号)
Tel: 0415-8264 5888
Opening hours: 10:30am–21pm
Transportation:Take bus 202 and get off at Taigu Street (太古街); or take bus 7, 54, 61, 64, 73 or 87, and get off at Taigi Fourteenth Street (太古十四道街).