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Red Pomegranate Restaurant

Red Pomegranate Restaurant specializes in Xinjiang cuisine. The lamb skewers are well seasoned with crispy skin and succulent and soft meat. The big plate chicken is also irresistible for its tasty taste and its generous portion. What’s more, the home-made yoghurt is so refreshing that will have you wanting more. You can also not miss the Nang fried meat, Sand onion mashed potatoes, mutton chop and so on. 
The service there is warm and thoughtful as well as delicious foods with reasonable price. It’s an ideal place for family gathering and friends meeting.
Signature Dishes: Lamb Skewers, Big Plate Chicken, Nang Fried Meat, Sand Onion Mashed Potatoes, Mutton Chop, Xinjiang Rice
Business Hours: 10:00—22:00
Parking Lot: Yes