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Xiamen is famous for its seafood. The seafood is of good quality and of great vatieties. Lobster, abalone, crab, shrimp, snail and shelfish are refreshing and delicious. Especially in winter, they have excellent taste.

The dishes cooked with local grouper, yellow croaker, red crab and squid have gained reputation as early as in the Qing Dynasty. Today new cooking method have been developed for cooking seafood dishes with four main  ingredients of crab, shrimp, fish and shellfish, based on carrying forward the traditional cooking method.

For cooking seafood dishes, the ingredients must be fresh. It is better to cook them immediately when you get them from the market. In Xiamen, the ingredients can be got locally, so that the seafood dishes are tasty. The seafood in Xiamen is refreshing and delicious which could not taste in other places.