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Shalihai Catering Food City

Shalihai Catering Food City is a notable Halal restaurant in the city of Xining. This Shalihai Catering Food City specializes to provide authentic Muslim food that has strong Qinghai style. And to cater to different needs, Shalihai Catering Food City also provides Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and Shandong cuisine.

Hospitable services plus with the cozy and comfortable dining environment, customers can enjoy their meals to the fullest.

Shalihai Catering Food City is mainly famous for its mutton dishes which have the unique and outstanding taste. Braised lamb and boiled mutton are the top choices. Lamb neck is a unique dish in this restaurant and is quite popular among customers by its authentic flavor. Other recommendations like roast mutton chops, yellow mushroom from Qilian Mountain, pelvetia silquosa, fried potatoes and yoghurt are hot Halal dishes among customers.

Signature Dishes: Braised Lamb, Boiled Mutton, Lamb Neck, Roast Mutton Chops

Parking Pot: free parking

Lamb Neck

Lamb Kebab