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Shenzhen Muslim Hotel Restaurant

Shenzhen Muslim Hotel Restaurant specializes in authentic and genuine Xinjiang Halal food. It is situated in the busy and prosperous business district of Shenzhen and is easily reachable with convenient public transportation. Shenzhen Muslim Hotel Restaurant is a large restaurant with occupying 1,500 square meters. It can accommodate about 300 people for dining at the same time. The dining environment is quite pleasant and enjoyable at the restaurant as it is decorated with exquisite ornaments and elegant style.

The Shenzhen Muslim Hotel Restaurant has a large variety of dishes. The menu offers provide Halal food from northwestern China cuisine, Arabic cuisine, Southeast Asia cuisine and Cantonese cuisine. At the restaurant you can enjoy tasty dishes including Xinjiang big plate chicken, toothpick mutton, roasted whole lamb and lamb chop with salt and pepper.

Signature Dishes: Big Plate Chicken, Toothpick Mutton, Roasted Whole Lamb, Lamb Chop with Salt and Pepper, Braised Ox Trotters with Brown Sauce and Lamb Kebab.