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Southern Putuo Vegetarian Dishes

South Putuo Vegetarian Dishes have a 100-year history. In the procedure of constant innovation and development, Southern Putuo vegetarian dishes have combined the pure flavor of temple vegetarian dishes with the nature of folk ones and the delicacy of palace ones. These vegetarian dishes are poetic and attractive of Buddhist dishes.

Southern Putuo vegetarian dishes have gluten and bean curd as main ingredients which will be added with mushroom, winter bamboo shoots and edible fungus. They are cooked in a traditional way and demonstrate a clear and tasty flavor. Southern Putuo vegetarian fishes have persisted in traditional Buddhist dieting and are cooked with vegetarian ingredients. Such vegetarian dishes are nice and elegant and are of unique shapes. Their themes attract many celebrities to name them, such as Banyuechenjiang (Crescent moon in water), Meihua’aoxue (Plum blossom in snowy day), Jintengputao (Golden grape vine), Nanhaijinlian (Golden lotus in south sea) and Siyuguyuan (Soft rain and mushroom like clouds)。