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Tsingtao Beer

Tsingtao Beer, a well-hopped standard pilsner of 4.7% alcohol, is the flagship brew, accounting for most of the brewery's production. An unpasteurised version is sold as Tsingtao Draft Beer. Tsingtao Beer was long advertised as being "brewed with mineral water from the Laoshan Spring," which contributed to its characteristic flavor. Originally, Tsingtao Beer was brewed with water, barley, and hops.
There are also other beers sold, including Tsingtao Dark Beer (5.2% alcohol), and more rarely Tsingtao Spirulina Green Beer, also sold as Tsingtao Green Beer, a 4.5% alcohol green-coloured pilsner containing spirulina as an additive, and claimed to promote good health.

International Beer Festival

The brewery first applied for permission for a Qingdao International Beer Festival in 1991 and received approval and great support from the Qingdao municipal administration. Then the city became the main sponsor. The first festival was opened on June 23, 1991, and has been held annually ever since. The festival was named "International Beer Festival" to attract foreigners as well as Chinese. As the International Beer Festival develops, it is becoming nationally renowned and there are a large number of both international and domestic visitors who join the festival. The festival is usually held in late August and lasts for 14 days. During the festival, there are shows in the city and people enjoy many varieties of international beer instead of Tsingtao Brewery only. Nowadays the International Beer Festival is not simply to publicize the Tsingtao Brewery, but also to encourage the development of the culture of beer in Qingdao.

Qingdao Beer Museum
Tsingtao Beer has been an important part of the life and culture in Qingdao. To demonstrate the long history of this famous brand, the Qingdao Beer Museum is set up. By visiting it, you can get a better understanding of how the brand is developed into what it is today and a variety of beer is for free drinking.