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Yangza Soup

Due to the cold winter in northern China, the eating culture of Dating emphasizes on some dishes that can warm up during the tough weather. So Yangza Soup is quite a popular snack in Shanxi for its strong flavor.

What is it
'Yangza' is the entrails of a sheep such as the sheep head, hoof, darling, the bowel lung and the sheep blood clearly. The clean dressed entrails are stewed and cut into slices,. Plus the spring onion, garlic, hot pepper…etc. adjusts to anticipate, packing into the pot, putting a piece of sheep tail oil, can also add another the thin powder, after boiled, get bowl red and white intermingled, steaming hot, oil but don’t get fed up with. It is a good dinner of warming stomach and getting rid of the cold and health care.

The value of this dish
From the view of Chinese medicine, entrails of sheep have the function of warming the stomach and fending off chill. Thus, the steaming Yangza Soup with chewy vermicelli may be quite a good dish in winter for its medical function as well as the strong fragrance.