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Yitianyuan Dubai Club Restaurant

Yitianyuan Dubai Club Restaurant, a branch under Yitianyuan, is a high-class Halal restaurant in Kunming. This Yitianyuan Dubai Club Restaurant has attracted many Muslims and non-Muslims there by its luxury decorations and unique Muslim food.

What amazed people first when stepping into this Yitianyuan Dubai Restaurant is the extravagant decoration. This restaurant is furnished into the Middle Eastern style with ornaments that is characterized with far exotic features. Those unique and special water curtains, plants and pebbles imported from Dubai in new Middle East trend brings you the impact of visual and audio. Plus the unique Muslim dishes, the exciting taste would surprise you.

This Dubai Club Restaurant is also specialized to provide recreational areas so that customers can fully relax and enjoy themselves. You can find PSP area and Internet area at this restaurant. Also, there is a DIY area where you can DIY Muslim dishes under the guidance of the chefs.

Service is quite fast and excellent at this restaurant. And Muslim dishes, you would definitely be satisfied. The hot Yitianyuan-style roast duck is a must-order dish at this restaurant. And then the vermicelli with shredded chicken, beef seasoned with brown sauce and chicken seasoned with soy sauce are hot choices among customers. And the Chinese cabbage in chicken soup is another recommendation.

Signature Dishes: Roast Duck, Shredded Chicken, Beef Seasoned with Brown Sauce, Soy Sauce Chicken, Chinese Cabbage Chicken Soup, Oil DRIED Beef, Lamb Kebab, Tofu Pudding

Parking Pot: Free Parking

Dried Beef 

Cabbage in Chicken Soup