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Yitianyuan Muslim Restaurant

Yitianyuan is the largest Muslim restaurant chain in the city of Kunming. It has gained wide popularity to be regarded as the best Muslim restaurant in Kunming. When you are in a Halal tour in Kunming, Yitianyuan should not be missed out to try its authentic Muslim food.

At Muslim restaurants under Yitiyuan, you can taste original and genuine Muslim dishes, which are made of fine ingredients and unique cooking methods of Yunnan. These Yitianyuan Muslim restaurants are decorated with strong exotic styles to get you in a fantasy world. They are furnished into different themes, like the ancient Silk Road-themed Yitianyuan Muslim restaurant, the Aladin theme and Arabian themes. Yitianyuan has many branch Muslim restaurants in Kunming. At different branch with different theme, you can get different pleasant experiences both in decoration and dishes.

At these Yitianyuan Muslim restaurants, you can enjoy delicacies of Muslim dishes. Lamp soup is quite hot among customers, but the Yitianyuan-style roast duck and vermicelli with shredded chicken are more popular. The lamb kebab, beef seasoned with brown sauce and cold rice noodles are also highly recommended Muslim dishes.

Branch 1
Address: Fengning Community, Wuhua District 
Tel: 0871-8316577

Branch 2
Address: No.68, Longquan Road, Panlong District 
Tel: 0871-8230000

Branch 3
Address: Liangyuan Community, Xishan District 
Tel: 0871-8230000

Branch 4
Address: Middle Guanshang Road, Guandu District 
Tel: 0871-8230000

Branch 6
Address: Shili Changjie, Xishan District 
Tel: 0871-8230000

Branch 7
Address: No.508, Bailong Road, Panlong District 

Signature Dishes:

Oil Spray Dried Beef 

Cold Rice Noodle with Sour and Spicy Sauce