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Yuyuan Garden Delicacy Street

Yuyuan Garden Delicacy Street is known as the “Kingdom of Shanghai Snacks,” where tourists can find all the famous snacks of Shanghai, such as steamed buns with stuffing of Laosongsheng; sweet porridge with osmanthus flowers and red beans of Yuxin Snack Eatery; glutinous rice longevity peach-shaped cakes with pigeon eggs of lvbaolang; fermented rice and glutinous rice dumplings, and eight-treasure rice of Manyuanchun Snack Eatery; noodles with dried shrimps and scallion, and crisp cakes of Hubin Snack Bar; Nanxiang steamed buns; and Ningbo glutinous rice dumplings, the restaurants selling foreign fast food also can be founded here, such as KFC of the United States, Japanese Cuisine, South Korean barbecue, Italian stuffed cakes, French bread and Turkish steak.