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Zhonghua Hand Shredded Mutton

As a renowned Muslim-style restaurant with simple decorations, Zhonghua Hand Shredded Mutton Restaurant is famous for its natural environment in Lanzhou.
It’s always crowed of local people and tourists for its specialty boiled lamb with a fabulous taste and texture, which is fatty but not greasy. The chef here chooses to boil the high quality mutton for saving the original flavor. It is really a must-try on the trip to Lanzhou. The restaurant provides a comfortable dining atmosphere with its considerate service. The restaurant's decorations inside are elaborate and exquisite. Furthermore, it should be paid attention that drinking is forbidden here.
It should be mentioned that therer are other two branches of Zhonghua Hand Shredded MuttonRestaurant, one on Jiangouyan Street, Qilihe District, while another is on Nanchang Road, Chengguan District. The previous one is so close to the Small West Lake Park that it takes the fancy of people, especially guests who dine here after visiting the park. The latter one is the first park-themed restaurant in Lanzhou where guests can enjoy tasty Muslim-style dishes outdoors in a small park, which creates a pleasant and relaxed dining ambience.
Signature Dishes: Boiled Mutton, Roast Mutton Chops, Dongxiang-style Braised Sliced Potatoes, Braised Mutton in Brown Sauce, Deep-fried Lamb Chops, Deep-fried Lily Bulbs

Parking Pot: Yes